Monday, 8 April 2013

Tips & Tricks #1: Best way to package your card

Today i will be giving my opinion on the best way to package your cards when shipping. There are many different ways to ship your cards and still have the most protection. This is the easy and less time consuming in my opinion.

You will need:

- And a card that you would like to ship.

Step 1

Take your painters tape and cut a small piece of it so it could fit the top of a toploader. Also the reason I use painters tape it is because when the person you Sold or Traded the card to try's to take off the tape it will not ruin the toploader and it is easy to take off.

Step 2

Grab your Ultra Pro team bags and take one 1. Put the card into the team bag and then seal it. 

Step 3

Once sealed, grab your Scotch tape and put some where you just sealed your team bag. 

Video to go with this blog

And you are done. It is quick & easy. Thanks for Reading 

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