Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tips & Tricks #3: How To List Your Cards On Ebay

I have been selling on Ebay allot lately and I have tried/seen many different ways to list cards.This is how I list my cards on Ebay so I get the most search on my cards.

Step 1
You want to open a new tab on your browser and type in or (this may varie depending on where you are).

Step 2 

Make sure you are logged in, then click " Sell " in top right corner of your screen. After the page is loaded you will see this " Enter a UPC, ISBN, or keywords that describe your item. ". usually put hockey card, but that is up to you. After you put what you are selling, click on Start selling. 

Step 3

Now this is where you create your listing. In your title you want to the Year (Long), Manufacturer, Set, Sub-set, Card #, Player Name, Card #rd to (If there is any), Team, Year (Short).


 2011-12 Panini Calder Contender Auto #222 Erik Gubranson /800 Panthers 11-12

After your donne the title, enter the the condition the card is in. If the card is Graded enter the graded info in to the fields, but if it is not just go down to the field that ask for the year and then put the year of the card in. After you finished that go and select what the attributes of the card (Ex: Auto, Rc). Then select the team your player is on. I usually don't put the player because the chances are the player that you want is not there. Next upload a nice clear photo/Scan of your card because that makes your listing look better and it gets more people to look at the card. Your description is very important because that is where you put everything else that you did not put above. You want your description have these things in it: How you ship, Shipping Costs, Title again. 


You are looking at a 2011-12 Panini Calder Contender Auto #222 Erik Gubranson /800 Panthers 11-12


3.00$ to Canada 
4.00$ to USA 
5.50$ to International

+ 0.10 for every other auction you win

All cards will be shipped in Team Bags, Top loaders, Penny sleeves and Bubble mailers.

Payment is due 3 days after auction has been won.

Also feel free to vist my other auction and if you have any question, Please send me a message


Next you want to put the price of your card. When using auction style,  I put the auction at 0.99. But when you using Buy it Now go look to see what the same card is selling for and then i put for 10-20% more and make sure to Best offer on. The buyer may just offer you the same price what they are selling and i will take that offer, but if they buy it for 10-20% now that is even better.

For shipping you want to do is calculate the cost of how much it cost is you to ship. But the lower you shipping price the more views the card will get. Then just fill out what you charge for Canada, USA and international. Then you click continue, your listing preview will appear and you click list item.

That would be all for today and thanks for reading

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How to enter: To be eligible you haft to comment I'm in on this blog in the comment section.

The winner will be decided on and I will random it 3 times.


11-12 Contenders NHL Ink Andy Miele


The Contest will end Thursday May 9th 2013. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tips & Tricks #2: How to organize your cards?

There is no wrong way to organise your cards, every way is good. But at the end of the day these are your cards. But I have seen this subject come up a lot on forums.

How I organise my PC cards

Has some of you might know I collect Claude Giroux and I have over 75+ PC cards. I like to try to complete rainbows, so I like to keep all the cards together. I organise them like this:

Oldest to Newest- Year - Set

So that way you keep them altogether and it makes it easy to find the cards you want to find.

How I Protect my PC Cards

You can put all your PC cards in one touches and team bags, but that could cost a lot of money. I do not put my Giroux PC in one touches because I don't have the money. I store my cards in 1,600 count cardboard storage boxes because they are very durable. I protect my cards in penny sleeves, top loaders and team bags.

How I protect my Traders

You want your traders protected because you don't want to send your cards damaged. I protect my traders with penny sleeves and top loader. I store them like PC in a 1,600 count cardboard storage boxes and they sorted like this:

Autograph, Patch's, Jersey Cards, #rd Rookie, Rookie, #rd Insert, Insert

So these are just some way you can organise your cards, I hope you enjoyed this week Tips & Tricks.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Tips & Tricks #1: Best way to package your card

Today i will be giving my opinion on the best way to package your cards when shipping. There are many different ways to ship your cards and still have the most protection. This is the easy and less time consuming in my opinion.

You will need:

- And a card that you would like to ship.

Step 1

Take your painters tape and cut a small piece of it so it could fit the top of a toploader. Also the reason I use painters tape it is because when the person you Sold or Traded the card to try's to take off the tape it will not ruin the toploader and it is easy to take off.

Step 2

Grab your Ultra Pro team bags and take one 1. Put the card into the team bag and then seal it. 

Step 3

Once sealed, grab your Scotch tape and put some where you just sealed your team bag. 

Video to go with this blog

And you are done. It is quick & easy. Thanks for Reading